My Story

I have now been a consultant with the Scentsy since September 2009. I have seen many changes at Scentsy in the seven years I have been a consultant.  In February 2012, Scentsy Layers was introduced taking the scents of Scentsy from the shower to the dryer with shower gels to dryer discs.  We now have the laundry line and clean line in 2016. If you are new to Scentsy Fragrance, the scents are wonderful, the consultants are wonderful, and the price is just right. We have different specials and they are great for gifts. The warmers use light bulbs to melt the specially created wax. Being married to a firefighter and being able to get an open flame out of our home is a benefit to him, my family, and our community.  Contact me if you have questions, would like to order, would like to see the products and smell all of the wonderful scents, or if you are interested in making an additional income. My business e-mail is and my cell is (336) 816-0420. Best Wishes, Sherri <!--endbody-->